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Mars & More wholesale home decorations

Mars & More is a wholesaler specializing in home accessories. For sourcing decorations, Mars & More is the right place to be. The collection ranges from candlesticks, windlights, letter openers to piggy banks. Are you a professional reseller looking to buy our unique home accessories?  

Home decor for every season

The range of home decorations at Mars & More is hugely diverse and has as its core value bringing nature into the home. Of course, Mars & More also has home decorations appropriate for each season. For example, the collection consists of Christmas decoration to decorate the house and the table festively. This velvet decoration consists of a decoration apple and a decoration pumpkin. The pumpkin decorations are perfect as an autumn decoration for the home and give the living room or dining room a cozy autumn look.

Unique piggy banks 

Put all your change in an original Mars & More piggy bank! Also for children saving their first pennies is even more fun with the piggy bank for children in the shape of a cat, a dog, or of course a classic piggy bank. The silver piggy banks and gold piggy banks can also be used as decoration for the children's room, for example. You will find the following moneyboxes in our assortment:
- Piggy bank deer
- Piggy bank pig
- Piggy bankdog
- Piggy bank cat

Curious about even more home decor in our webshop, check out the accessories category. Take a look at our collection of wind lights, picture frames and candlesticks. Complete your home and create an atmospheric whole with our piggy banks, crowns, letter openers, feathers, statues & figures and magnifying glasses.

Looking for wholesaler home decorations? Then contact us via our contact page and ask about the possibilities. Or create an account through our webshop and sign up as a customer now!