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Mars & More wholesale pet accessories

Mars & More is a wholesaler specialized in pet accessories. In our webshop you will find a large collection of pet accessories.
Mars & More has a unique collection and most items are available from stock. Are you a professional reseller who wants to buy our pet accessories?

Soft pet baskets in different colors and prints

Every pet deserves a nice place to rest or sleep. In Mars & More's pet accessories collection you will find the softest pet baskets for your dog or cat. These dog and cat baskets are available in various unique prints and natural colors. Besides being functional for the faithful four-legged friends, these fluffy dog and cat baskets also add extra atmosphere to the interior.

Aluminum feeders for our four-legged friends

A good feeding or drinking bowl is essential during a pet's care. Mars & More's range includes both dog food bowls and cat food bowls. The food bowls are made of aluminum and are available in a small or large size, perfect for the small or large pets. The industrial feeders are made of aluminum and this makes the food bowl suitable for food and for drinking. Mars & More's food bowls are not standard, they have a nice design. With this you get a unique bowl in the house for your four-legged friend.

Every season you will find the latest trends within our home decoration collection, but also in the accessories category such as wind lights, candle holders, picture frames and wall decorations. Complete your interior with our pet accessories and give your interior a metamorphosis.

Looking for wholesale pet accessories? Please contact us via our contact page and ask about the possibilities. Or create an account through our webshop and register as a customer now!