Mars & More is a B2B wholesaler in home accessories!   

As a wholesaler, Mars & More specialises in home decor. Since our founding, people and nature have been at the heart of our work. From this mission and vision we develop our own unique collection of luxury living and lifestyle products. In our webshop you will find a wide collection of interior decoration. Most of the products are made from natural materials such as hides, pelts, jute, sea grass, mango wood and bamboo. The natural materials in our collection are obtained in a fair way. By using natural materials, all our products have a luxurious and rural look, which fits within any interior. 

Comfortabel om kampvuur met schapenvachten Comfortabel om kampvuur met schapenvachten

Own unique collection

 To ensure that we constantly renew our collections in order to keep up with the latest trends in home accessories. Our stylists and designers are therefore always up to date with the latest trend developments in the field of living and lifestyle products. 

 For example, discover our extraordinary collection of kitchen accessories and decorative pillows. Whether you're looking for the most beautiful velvet decorative pillows or one of our unique Gobelin decorative pillows, you'll find it all in our collection. For fashion accessories, you are in the right place with us as well. Within the Fashion collection, you will find various fashion must-haves, such as leather bracelets, leather bags or jute bags. There is always a reference to nature in our unique collection. 

 Within the Mars & More collection, Mars & More also has its own label Back2Nature. This collection supports the mission of Mars & More: To bring nature back into consumers’ daily lives. The Back2Nature collection is distinguished mainly by its focus on animals and the use of natural and fairly sourced materials. Within the Back2Nature label you will find hides & pelts such as sheepskins and cowhides, the most beautiful fashion accessories and sturdy furniture made from natural materials. In short, a huge range with a focus on sustainability.