Atmospheric photos are inspiring. They bring home accessories to life. So it is no surprise that we at Mars & More attach so much value to them. Before our new products are for sale, they go through the hands of our stylist Benita. She conceives, stylizes and creates until every home accessory comes perfectly into its own. In a word: creating the perfect picture takes a lot of time. Want to know how Benita works? Take a peek behind the curtain!

Last week we received our long-awaited bubble vases and candle holders in our range. The hand-blown glass is provided with hundreds of small bubbles that create a wonderful effect. Available in four warm colours: chocolate, amber, smoke and jade. Of course we wanted beautiful photos of these. Our stylist and photographer went to work together to create the finest pictures.

Accurate to the centimetre (Photo: Maureen Brinkhof)

Endless variations on green (Photo: Maureen Brinkhof)

Sea grass is a beautiful and strong material. It is not only durable, but also has a warm and natural appearance that matches any interior. Benita knew immediately what to do with it. Together with photographer Mick she went to the ancient city walls of Zwolle and the Pestengasthuys to make photographs. After all, robust home accessories deserve a robust backdrop.


Sea grass baskets in the heart of Zwolle. (Photo: Mick Romeijn)