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Mars & More wholesaler decorative pillows hides and furs 

Mars & More is a wholesaler specialized in decorative cushions of hides and furs. In our webshop you will find a large collection of cushions made of hides and furs in different colors and sizes. Mars & More has a unique collection and most items are available from stock. Are you a professional reseller who wants to buy our decorative cushions hides and furs?

Cushions skins and furs

As a retailer of home accessories, you'll find a wide collection of decorative cushions made of hides and furs at Mars & More. Our range includes animal fur pillows, such as: cowhide pillows, sheepskin pillows, rabbit fur pillows and goat fur pillows. All cushions are made of 100% leather. The leather decorative pillows combine well with the sheepskins, cowhides, goatskins, rabbit furs and our other furs. Our skins and furs enhance a natural interior living atmosphere and make any room cozy and warm.

Cowhide cushions

Cushions made of cowhide are a timeless item in the interior and therefore very popular. Cowhide pillows have the advantage that it fits any interior. In the collection we have the classic cowhide cushions in different colors, we also have cowhide cushions with a cool decorative stitch and a cowhide cushion with a heart figure patchwork. Looking for cowhide cushions that stand out more? Then go for our cowhide zebra print cushion or cowhide leopard cushion.

Sheepskin pillows

Get warmth and coziness in your home with our sheepskin cushions. We have Icelandic sheepskin in our collection, the coats of the Icelandic sheep are of high quality and remain very beautiful because of the strong wool. The New Zealand sheepskin pillows are characterized by the soft and firm quality, in addition, we have sheep pillows with curly hair in the collection. These give a warm and full effect in your interior. Add a warm pillow of sheepskin in your interior, put this sheep pillow in your chair or sofa and it will immediately give you a cozy feeling. Our sheepskin cushions come into their own in all living styles, think of a contemporary, classic or rural interior.

Rabbit fur or goatskin pillow

A rabbit fur is known for its softness, which therefore makes rabbit fur cushions ideal to add to your interior and immediately gives you a cozy feeling. In addition, a rabbit fur pillow is suitable for any interior style due to its timeless look. Whether your interior is rural or modern, a rabbit fur pillow will always fit. In addition, we also have goat fur cushions in the collection. These are of high quality and therefore remain beautiful for a long time. The goatskin cushions are available in natural colors that fit any interior. If you are looking for a more pronounced print, be sure to check out our collection. The goatskin cushions are available in leopard print, cheetah print, zebra print and a dotted print. Go for an eye-catcher in your interior. 

With our decorative pillow skins and furs you create a rustic and cool look in your interior and bring nature into your home. Each season you will find the latest trends within our decorative pillow hides and skins, but also within our other categories such as decorative pillow jute, decorative pillow gobelin and decorative pillow velvet. Complete your interior with our decorative pillows and give your interior a personal touch with your choice.

Looking for a wholesaler for decorative pillows in hides and furs, please contact us via our contact page and ask about the possibilities. Or create an account through our webshop and register as a customer now!