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Mars & More wholesaler draught excluder

Mars & More is a wholesaler specializing in draught excluder pillows. In our webshop you will find a wide collection of draught excluders in different colors and designs. Mars & More has a unique collection and most items are in stock. In our online shop you will find an extensive collection of draught excluder pillows. Are you a professional reseller who wants to buy our high quality draught excluders?

Keep the warmth inside with a draught excluder

With the cold winter nights, it's pleasant to have it nice and warm inside. The stove is turned on and the doors are closed to keep the heat in the house. Through the doors and windows always comes a little bit of air. This is easily solved by placing a draught excluder or a draft stopper in front of it. A draught excluder keeps out the cold and brings in the warmth. A draught excluder is part of your interior, in the Mars & More collection we have an extensive choice.

Decorative printed draught excluder

At Mars & More we have the draught excluders for sale in different designs and quality. Because we have them in different variations they are good to combine in your interior. Are you unsure which draught excluder fits your interior?
Check out our collection of draught excluders online, they are available in the following qualities:
- Draught excluder gobelin animal
- Draught excluder canvas
- Draught excluder cowhide
- Draught excluder Faux Fur
The Draught excluders all have the same length: 90cm, so they fit well for the door. A draught excluder in a neutral color is timeless and suitable for any interior. The Draught excluder of Gobelin fabric have the feature of high wear resistance, also the animal print give a cozy twist to your interior.


Check out our draught excluder collection with unique animal prints, they are in line with the mission of Mars & More. Bring nature into your home!
Each season you will find the latest trends within our draught excluders, but also within our other decorative pillow categories such as decorative pillow gobelin, decorative pillow velvet and seat pillow. Complete your interior with our decorative pillows and give your interior a metamorphosis.

Looking for a wholesaler of draught excluders? Please contact us via our contact page and ask about the possibilities. Or create an account on our webshop and register now as a customer!