Decorative cushions animals

Mars & More's animal cushions are very popular. In our webshop, you will find a large collection of cushions with animal print and decorative cushions animal print in different colors and sizes. Are you a professional reseller who wants to buy high-quality animal cushions? Then head to Mars & More with its unique collection of animal print cushions. All decorative cushions animals from our collection can be combined well with each other. Cushions with animals complete the interior of any animal lover!

Types of decorative animal cushions

Especially in an interior with many neutral colors, the colorful cushions with animal print from Mars & More are a real enrichment. Our extensive collection of animal print cushions includes velvet animal cushions, Gobelin animal print cushions and linen look animal cushions. Some examples are a decorative cat cushion, decorative dog cushion, dachshund cushion and a decorative rabbit cushion. Also sheep cushions, cow cushions or decorative cow cushions and horse cushions or decorative horse cushions can be found in our web shop in various colors and sizes. In addition, you can also choose deer cushions or cushions deer, such as a decorative deer cushion and cushions with deer head. Very nice are our decorative cushions birds, decorative cushions with birds with prints of, among others, a flamingo, cockatoo, peacock, parrot, ostrich, macaws and garden birds. If you prefer decorative cushions animals with a print of large animals, then a tiger print cushion and a zebra cushion, cushion zebra or decorative cushion zebra are a good choice. We also supply animal print cushion covers, including cow print cushion cover, tiger print cushion cover and zebra cushion cover.

Even more possibilities

Besides decorative animal cushions, we also have decorative flower cushions and cushions with animal print combined with flowers. Mars & More's flower cushions bring color and atmosphere to your interior. In our webshop, you will find a large collection of flower cushions in different colors, prints and sizes.