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Mars & More wholesaler dishes and pots

Mars & More is a wholesaler specialized in dishes and pots. In our webshop you will find a large collection of dishes and pots made of mango wood and aluminum in different sizes. Mars & More has a unique collection and most items are available from stock. Are you a professional reseller who wants to buy our unique bowls and pots?  

Wooden bowls in different sizes and shapes

Within Mars & More's assortment there is a unique collection of mango wood bowls. Mango wood is a sustainable type of wood, the wood of the mango tree is only used when the tree no longer produces fruit. Mango wood has a fine grain that gives a beautiful and natural look on wooden bowls. Use our mango wood dish as a wooden serving bowl, wooden fruit bowl or a wooden lettuce tray. The beautiful wooden bowls are the perfect way to present food in a beautiful way.

Cutlery holders for the kitchen

With our cutlery holders you can easily organize your kitchen. Place the cutlery holders on the countertop to store all of your cutlery. In addition, the wooden cutlery holders are also stylish. When placed on the countertop, they also get a nice decorative function. Style them together with the wooden storage jar, chopping boards and cutlery from our collection to form a whole and stylishly decorate the kitchen.

Aluminum stag bowls

Give your table a luxurious look with our aluminum serving bowls. The bowls have unique designs, with the deer taking center stage. This is in keeping with Mars & More's quirky collection. Aluminum has a heavy and beautiful quality and the silver-plated look gives it a luxurious look. The aluminum bowls can be used as serving dishes and are the centerpiece while presenting dishes. 

Every season you will find new designs within the bowls and pots category. Curious about more table decoration in our webshop? Check out the dining category. Take a look at our collection of laptrays, placemats and coasters. Complete your kitchen with our dishes and pots. Create an atmospheric setting with our collection of table decorations.

Looking for a wholesaler for dishes and pots? Then contact us via our contact page and ask about the possibilities. Or create an account through our webshop and register as a customer now!