1. Applicability
These Terms of Use apply to the use and/or downloading of information, in any form whatsoever, from the Mars & More and Mars & More B.V. websites.

2. Acceptance
If you do not accept (all conditions of) these Terms of Use, you will not be authorised to visit the Mars & More website and to make use of this website. By making use of Mars & More, you implicitly agree to the following Terms of Use. However, Mars & More is entitled to refuse you access to Mars & More at any time.

3. Amendment
Mars & More is entitled to amend the information on Mars & More and these Terms of Use and the General Conditions at any time. Mars & More advises you to check Mars & More and the Terms of Use and General Conditions regularly.

4. Purpose of Mars & More
Mars & More aims to provide the user with information on products in the broadest sense of the word. The products supplied by Mars & More are covered by the conditions of Mars & More. The products and services supplied by partners of Mars & More in the shop are generally also covered by the conditions of the partner in question (see the General Conditions of Mars & More for more information). When ordering combined packages via Mars & More, the conditions of Mars & More and its partners apply in combination and respectively, proportionate to that part of the package supplied by Mars & More or its partner. Mars & More makes every effort to supply accurate information, but cannot always guarantee that the information offered is correct and always up-to-date. Although Mars & More has compiled the information on Mars & More with the utmost care and makes every effort to keep this information as correct, up-to-date and complete as possible, no rights may be derived from this information.

5. Hyperlinks
a. The Mars & More website contains hyperlinks to websites of other subsidiaries of Mars & More B.V. If the linked website of the subsidiary in question is covered by other terms of use, those terms have precedence and the terms of Mars & More are supplementary.
b. Mars & More may contain hyperlinks to websites of Mars & More partners and other third parties. These hyperlinks are provided solely for the convenience and information of you, the user. Mars & More is not responsible for these websites and the fact that Mars & More includes these websites does not mean that it approves the content of these websites.

6. Property
All rights to Mars & More and all information on this website lie entirely with Mars & More B.V., its partners and advertisers. Mars & More B.V. retains all rights. All information, in whatever form, is protected by copyright, brand and trade name rights or other intellectual or industrial rights of title, and remains the property of Mars & More B.V. , its partners and advertisers at all times. The composition, appearance and content of all pages of Mars & More is governed by: © 2007 Mars & More, The Netherlands.

7. Information
Mars & More and the information given on the site is supplied as shown here, without any explicit or implied guarantee. Claims and opinions, expressed in any announcements on the pages of Mars & More, are made by the author(s) and not (necessarily) by Mars & More B.V. Information received from Mars & More may not be amended, copied, distributed, publicised, linked to other websites, made available to third parties, or used in any other way as given in this article.

8. Right of use
Mars & More grants you, as visitor, the right to use the website information solely for personal purposes. Mars & More may not be used for unlawful purposes or for activities prohibited on the basis of these Terms of Use or the law in general. With due regard for these Terms of Use, it is admissible to use the information insofar as technically necessary to consult Mars & More or to facilitate the search for Mars & More in search engines. Any other use is explicitly forbidden. It is particularly forbidden to monitor or duplicate Mars & More. The same applies to data and content accessed by Mars & More. It is also forbidden to download Mars & More in part or in full, to use the processing power of the Mars & More servers for purposes other than those given above, or to flood the website with electronic messages traffic intended to disrupt its operation.

9. Security
Mars & More makes every effort to protect its websites or the servers containing its websites with suitable and state-of-the-art security measures, against viruses or other harmful software.

10. Placement of messages
Any messages left by Mars & More visitors and which are visible to other people, must have a clear and obvious relationship to the content of Mars & More and must not be in conflict with the public order or normal ethics, not be insulting or in any way offensive or unlawful towards third parties, must not violate the rights of third parties, must not instigate criminal or civil law proceedings and must not contain any viruses or other harmful files. Mars & More cannot guarantee in any way that messages accessible by third parties will be kept confidential. Mars & More is entitled at all times to refuse, remove or amend such messages and/or to hand over these messages to the judicial authorities.

11. Liability
Mars & More refuses to accept any liability for any direct, indirect and consequential damage, damage for whatever reason, resulting from or related to the use of Mars & More, especially as the result of use of the information on Mars & More or as a result of the search for access to any other information by means of hyperlinks to third parties from Mars & More, or through the temporary inaccessibility of Mars & More, unless and insofar as the damage is caused by intentional or willing negligence by Mars & More.

12. Conversion
If any condition of these Terms of Use is found to be void, reversible or otherwise non-enforceable, that condition is considered to be replaced by a valid and enforceable condition which resembles the original intention of the void, reversible or non-enforceable condition as far as possible. All other conditions remain in full force.

13. Sale of products
Please refer to the General Conditions regarding the sale of products on Mars & More. These Terms of Use are supplementary in situations concerning the sale of products. In the case of conflict, the General Conditions prevail.

14. Applicable law and authorised courts
All disputes, including disputes regarded as such by only one party, related in any way to the use of Mars & More, will be subject solely to Dutch legislation and will be heard solely by the official courts of Zwolle.