Dog decoration

If you love dogs, a dog decoration from Mars & More should not be missing in your interior. Our range of dog decoration includes numerous types of decorative dog cushions. Other items in our dog decoration collection include dachshund home accessories, labrador home accessories, luxury dog basket home accessories and much more.

Decorative cushion dog

Are you a retailer looking for dog print decorations or other dog print accessories? Then Mars & More is the right place for you, because in our webshop you will find a wide selection of decorative cushions dog. Our collection of cushions includes velvet cushions, gobelin cushions, canvas draft cushions and gobelin draft cushions, all with a dog print and in different colours and sizes. These cushions are great to combine with our nice warm plaids with dog print. With a decorative dog cushion and plaids with a dog pattern as home decoration, it will be even cosier at home!

Dachshund home accessories

On the theme of the cheerful, independent, clever and stubborn dachshund, we have put together a nice collection of dachshund accessories, including canvas cushions with dachshund print, gobelin cushions with dachshund print, canvas draught cushions with dachshund print, shoehorn dachshund, wine stopper dachshund, placemat dachshund, doormat dachshund, coaster dachshund and umbrella dachshund.

Labrador home accessories

Besides the dachshund, we also give special attention in our collection to another dog, the friendly and cheerful labrador. In our webshop, you will find a collection of decoration dog large with canvas cushions with labrador print, gobelin cushions with labrador print, a labrador umbrella and placemats labrador.

Even more dog decoration

Besides cushions, plaids, dachshund home accessories and labrador home accessories, Mars & More has a lot more dog decoration, including a feeding bowl with dog decoration. Furthermore, you can also choose from various dog baskets in our webshop, such as an animal basket bear in white, beige, grey and brown and an animal basket deer. How wonderful your four-legged friend will sleep and snuggle in these soft dog baskets!