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Mars & More wholesaler stools

Mars & More is a wholesaler specialized in stools. In our webshop you will find a large collection of stools.
Mars & More has a unique collection and most items are available from stock. In our online shop you will find an extensive collection of stools. Are you a professional reseller who wants to buy our unique crutches?  

Assortment of round and square stools

You can create an atmospheric room with the furniture from Mars & More. In our assortment you will find a diverse range of stools, for every living style and occasion and in different materials and shapes. In the collection you will find square wooden stools and round wooden stools. Not only does a wooden stool look good indoors, under a covered porch by the lounge sofa can perfectly be placed as decoration, extra seating or as a side table. For example, looking for a base for home accessories? Then a wooden stool is perfect to put a nice vase or tea light holders on.

Stools with cowhide and animal fur

Create a rustic look with our animal skin stools, made from 100% real cowhide and sheepskin. The rustic stool with cowhide brings a characteristic atmosphere in the room because of the natural material. In addition to a rural atmosphere, various styles can be created with the furniture from Mars & More, so there is always a suitable piece of furniture to find. The stool with sheepskin gives a soft appearance and can be used for example in the nursery as decoration or extra seating. All our cowhides and furs are residual products. This means that we respectfully give these skins and coats a second life as decoration. Our buyers select the skins with care, especially for our customers. Therefore, the skins and furs are of high quality and remain beautiful for an incredibly long time. Besides smaller stools, you can also find wooden bar stools in our assortment, also made of 100% real cowhide leather.

Each season you will find within the category of stools the latest trends, curious about more furniture in our webshop, take a look at our collection of pouffes, chairs and tables. Make your collection complete and create a cozy whole with our rustic furniture.

Looking for wholesaler of stools, please contact us via our contact page and ask about the possibilities. Or create an account through our webshop and register as a customer now!