Wholesale luxury home accessories

Wholesale luxury home accessories Mars & More has a unique collection of luxury living and lifestyle products. Unique to our wholesale luxury home accessories is that people and nature are central. Most luxury home accessories in our wholesale unique home accessories are therefore made from natural materials such as hides, furs, jute, sea grass, mango wood and bamboo. In addition to hides, furs, pillows and plaids, you will also find in our wholesale exclusive home accessories windlights, lighting and numerous gold and silver home accessories. Take a quick look at our unique collection of luxury home accessories in the shop!

Skins and furs

Are you a professional reseller active in purchasing luxury home accessories? At Mars & More, you will find beautiful skins and furs that give every interior a luxurious look and feel. As wholesaler of luxury home accessories, we have a unique and extensive collection of luxury hides and furs, including cowhides, sheepskins and rabbit skins.
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Cushions and plaids

If you want to buy exclusive home accessories as a retailer, cushions and plaids should not be missing. In our webshop you will see a wide and unique collection of cushions in different colors, prints and sizes. Especially our velvet cushions with or without gold or silver fringes guarantee a luxurious look and feel. Our plaids with matching pillows are real eyecatchers and an enrichment for any interior.
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Wind lights

Mars & More offers a wide range of atmospheric windlights. Flickering candle flames in a Mars & More windlight create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Our windlights have unique designs, including colored glass for a luxurious color accent in your interior and artistic designs that conjure beautiful patterns on walls and ceiling.
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As a wholesaler of luxury home accessories, Mars & More also specializes in lighting. In our webshop, as a retailer, you can choose from luxury table lamps, velvet lampshades and ornate, golden lamp bases, among other things. The right lighting is decisive for any space and those who opt for a luxury style of living will find plenty of choice with us.
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Other luxury home accessories

In addition to hides and furs, cushions and plaids, windlights and lighting, we have many other exclusive home accessories in our luxury home accessories wholesale, including velvet doorstops, gold decorative branches, luxury velvet hanging decorations and numerous gold accessories. As a retailer, you can further choose from other luxury home accessories at Mars & More, including candle holders, candles, rugs and mats, vases, picture frames, mirrors, wall decorations and decorations on base.