Wholesale natural decoration

At wholesale natural decoration Mars & More, people and nature are at the center. Therefore, you will find a unique and attractive back2nature collection of natural home accessories and natural decoration materials for a timeless interior. Our natural decoration and natural accessories are made of hides, furs, jute, sea grass, mango wood and bamboo. In addition to skins, furs, cushions and plaids, we also have small furniture, lighting and much more natural decor in our wholesale natural decoration. All excellent for creating a natural interior with a natural living style!

Skins and furs

Are you a professional reseller responsible for purchasing sustainable home accessories, such as hides and furs? Then head over to Mars & More, where you will find a unique and extensive collection of skins and furs, including sheepskins, cow skins, rabbit skins, goat skins, fallow deer skin, springbok skin and reindeer skin. Our skins and furs enhance a natural living atmosphere and make any room cozy and warm.
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Cushions and plaids

If you are a retailer looking to buy cushions and plaids with natural prints, you will find a large and unique collection of cushions and plaids in different colors and sizes in our webshop. Especially our cotton cushions with rabbit print, dog print or cat print and our plaids with panther print, ostrich print or another animal print create a nice, natural atmosphere and are real eye-catchers.
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Small furniture

If you want to create a natural atmosphere in your interior, choose our stools and benches made of 100% real cowhide. Our elmwood small furniture is also a good choice, because elmwood is a beautiful wood species with a natural and robust look. Our collection of small furniture also includes poufs, stools, side tables and chairs, mostly made of natural materials such as jute, leather, sheepskin and cowhide.
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As a wholesaler of country style living & natural accessories, Mars & More also specializes in lighting. If you are a retailer looking for lighting with a natural atmosphere, choose our jute lamps, rattan lamps and bamboo lamps. Our cowhide lampshades and natural eucalyptus wood lamp bases also have a rustic and rugged look, creating a natural atmosphere in any interior.
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Other natural decoration

In addition to hides and furs, pillows and plaids, small furniture and lighting, we have many more Back2nature products and sustainable accessories for natural décor and sustainable furnishings in our wholesale natural interior, such as wind lights, candleholders, candles, rugs and mats, doorstops, vases, decorative branches, picture frames, mirrors, wall decorations, pedestal decorations and natural wall decorations.