Office decoration

Office decoration from Mars & More creates a pleasant working environment. The right office decoration makes employees feel comfortable and is a great basis for effective and efficient work. For office decorating, we have an extensive collection of office decoration, including vases, skins, furs, cushions, decorative branches, baskets and other office accessories. We also have practical items such as coat racks and hooks, pencil holders and door stoppers. Furthermore, at Mars & More you will also find the most beautiful wall decoration office in different shapes and materials. Thanks to Mars & More office decoration, everyone feels at home in the office!

Decorate the office

Mars & More has a unique collection of living and lifestyle products for office decoration. What is unique about our office decoration is that people and nature are at the centre. Most decorations for the office are made of natural materials, such as hides, furs, jute, sea grass, mango wood and bamboo. In our shop, you will find numerous items for attractive office decoration, such as skins and furs, cushions, baskets, decorative branches, vases and many more office decoration items.

Office accessories

Besides beautiful office decoration and office decorations, Mars & More also has practical office accessories, such as coat racks and hooks, pen holders and door stoppers. Our coat racks are made of aluminium or wood and have unique designs. Besides coat racks, our collection also includes coat hooks, including gold hooks for a luxurious look and silver and aluminium hooks for a more industrial look. They are hooks with unique designs of animals, such as a deer head, horse head, sheep head and many more. A perfect desk decoration is a pen holder. With this decoration desk, you will have everything within easy reach and your workplace will look tidy too. Our collection of pen holders are made of cowhide with a beautiful zebra print or leopard print. Other office accessories from Mars & More include doorstoppers in different colours and designs. These trendy office accessories are both functional and decorative.

Office wall decoration

At Mars & More you will also find the nicest office wall decoration in different shapes and materials. With the right office wall decoration, you create atmosphere and make employees feel at home at the office. In our webshop, you can find office wall decoration for any style, mostly made of natural materials, such as bamboo, jute, palm leaf or sea grass.