Payment information

We understand that you would like further information about possible payment methods prior to placing your order. As a rule we apply payment terms of 14 days following delivery in Western Europe. SEPA collection is our preferred method. Other countries and/or project orders will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

SEPA authorisation

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area and it simplifies transfers of payments within Europe. European banks have created a SEPA authorisation form for this purpose.

By completing this form, you authorise us to collect invoices automatically 14 days after delivery of your order. Of course you will only be invoiced for the goods which you have actually received. You will no longer have to spend time thinking about payment of your invoices. You can find the SEPA authorisation form in your personal account.

On account

It is also possible to purchase from us on account. We also apply a payment term of 14 days following delivery of your order for this as standard.

You are responsible for the punctual payment of your accounts.

Pro forma

It is possible that we may make an agreement with you for pro forma payments. In that case we will only send you your order following receipt of your payment.