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Mars & More is a wholesaler specialized in hides and skins.
In our webshop you will find a large collection of hides, furs and skins in different sizes.
Mars & More has a unique collection and most items are available from stock. In our online shop you will find an extensive collection of furs and skins. Are you a professional reseller who wants to buy our unique skins and furs?  

Animal skin rugs, skins and coats
The materials we use for the sheepskins are residual products. This means that we respectfully give these furs a second life as decoration. Within the assortment of Mars & More you can find many different animal skin rugs. As a wholesaler of animal skin rugs, skins and coats, we sell, among others:
- Sheepskins
- Cow skins
- Rabbit coats
- Goatskins
- Fallow deer skin, springbok skin and reindeer skin
The skins and coats are a natural product, therefore each product have a unique appearance and no skin or fur are the same.

Extensive range of animal furs
In addition, we have even more products that are made with animal skin and fur, think of wind lights with cowhide, furniture and bags. All these items are available directly from stock.
Animal skins make the interior complete, by using natural materials you create a timeless interior. Animal skins have a unique, warm, cozy and luxurious look.

Warm atmosphere with an animal skin rug or sheepskin rug
Create more atmosphere with a sheepskin or cowhide rug on the floor. In addition to providing more coziness in the home, an animal skin rug and animal skin gives off warmth. Therefore, the use of an animal skin is not only nice to use in the living room, put an animal skin for example also in the bedroom, so you never get out of bed with cold feet. Nowadays, many sheepskins are also used to decorate the lounge area in the garden. On a long summer evening, a sheepskin provides just that little bit more warmth that you need. 

Maintaining and cleaning an animal skin
We want to enjoy our skins and furs for as long as possible. Then proper maintenance and cleaning of a skin and fur is important to keep it as beautiful as possible. We have written an article about the maintenance tips of our furs, check it out here.

Every season, you will find the latest trends in our collection within the skins and furs category. We have a wide range of sheepskins, cowhides, goat skins, rabbit furs and other skins.

Looking for a wholesaler to buy hides and furs, please contact us via our contact page and ask about the possibilities. Or create an account through our webshop and register as a customer now!