Wholesaler vases

Wholesale vases Mars & More is a vases wholesale business with a very nice collection of vases in different styles and sizes, made of various materials such as glass, aluminum, mango wood and cowhide. As a professional reseller, your choices include designer vases, glass vases, exclusive vases, inexpensive vases, flower vases, tulip vases and recycled fermentation bottles.

Design vases
In design vases wholesale and exclusive vases wholesale Mars & More you will find beautiful design vases, eyecatchers for any interior. In our vases and pots wholesale, people and nature are central and many of our exclusive vases are therefore made of natural materials, such as cow hides and mango wood. All obtained in an honest way!

Tulip Vases
A tulip vase from tulip vases wholesale Mars & More is made of aluminum and available in gold and silver. A gold tulip vase gives a luxurious look and the silver tulip vase provides a more modern or industrial look. Characteristic of a tulip vase is the garlic shape with several holes for tulips or other flowers. If you are a reseller looking for a classic vase, tulip vases from Mars & More are the right choice!

Recycled fermentation bottles
Fermentation bottles were originally used for making fermented beverages, such as wine or beer. Our fermentation bottles are made of recycled thick glass and often have reliefs, pits, and other imperfections. This makes each bottle unique with a robust and rustic appearance. The glass fermentation bottles from fermentation bottle wholesaler Mars & More are available in four sizes: 2 liters, 4 liters, 8 liters, and 16 liters.

Many more...
Besides designer vases, tulip vases and fermentation bottles, you will find many more vases to boost any interior at Mars & More. We have vases for every taste and style because we are also glass vases wholesale or wholesale glass vases, cheap vases wholesale, vases and pots wholesale or pots and vases wholesale, flower vases wholesale and wholesale flower pots and vases. Whatever vases, bottles or pots you are looking for, you are sure to find it at Mars & More!